Innovative wound and pain relief therapy for the management of FMD

Proven to be highly effective for the management of Foot and Mouth disease in cattle and management of surgical wounds such as in dehorning, disbudding, castration.

Active Ingredients;

  1. 2 Local anaesthetics
  • Lignocaine – Short acting
  • Bupivacaine – Long acting

2. Adrenaline 

  • Constricts blood vessels, reducing blood loss
  • Concentrates local action of lignocaine, increasing prolonged effect and decreases risk of toxicity.

3. Cetrimide

  • Reduces and prevents risk of infection
  • Mitigates antibiotics


Spray on gel base

1- 2ml of the gel is sprayed directly onto the lesions caused by FMD.

      • Easy application
      • Promote wound adhesion
      • Creates a protective barrier over the wound

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